Maxim Invitational

The Maxim Invitational Tournament is an annual charity event run by Maxim Chartered Accountants in partnership with Apis and brings together a number of Canberra businesses to compete in teams. Each year a different charity is selected and all proceeds are donated to this charity.

This year alone, over $160,000 was raised at the event for the Heart Foundation and the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation (another fantastic local charity providing much needed assistance to newborns in Canberra). Apis entered four teams this year and was proud to be part of such a great fundraising event. This event brings a diverse group of Canberra businesses and organisations together, in friendly competition, to raise money for the chosen charities. Maxim have worked tirelessly to build this invitational tennis tournament to the spectacle it is today and Apis is delighted to continue their relationship with Maxim and the fantastic work they do within our local community.