Meet some of our recent recruits

What's the definition of a big game player?

Meet some of our recent recruits

For consultants to add value they must bring real world delivery experience. Ideally it would be a mix of government and business experience developed across a wide range of sectors, countries and fields of expertise. But it’s critical that consultants have done it before – that might be managing large programmes, re-engineering business processes or solving complex problems.

You need big game players –

Big game player (descriptive noun / adj.)

A term used by Sport-literature individuals to describe a sportsman that can be relied upon to deliver and succeed at the crucial, defining and pivotal moments in his teams’ , or his own sporting conquests.

Our latest recruits are definitely big game players…


Tim was involved in a pretty big data migration project. Ok it was a very big project – moving all of the UK tax records from one system to another! That’s about 683 million records. In that project Tim built (and made sure it worked) the thing that moved data from the old system to the new one. That’s impressive but we grabbed Tim for his experience developing software for financial services companies so that they could better integrate business intelligence tools into their decision making process.

We produce billions of gigabytes each day and businesses and Government alike struggle to find meaning amongst the ever-growing piles of data. Business intelligence is supposed to provide the insights but the software has its limitations. Organisations are increasingly finding that the quarterly BI report to the executive board isn’t helping.

That’s where people like Tim come in. He can help you understand and define the software that makes business intelligence work. This is critical because business intelligence can’t help unless it’s delivered on time – and to the right person.


Tim will be working alongside Suranga who is also an accomplished professional in the field of business systems. If you’ve bought a washing machine lately (or a toilet, dishwasher, tap – pretty much anything that uses water) you will have seem some of Suranga’s handiwork. He was the lead business analyst for the system that delivers WELS, Australia’s water efficiency labelling scheme. The system supports over 500 organisations and more than 20,000 products that are registered each year. Not only that, the system has e-workflows for all of the scheme’s business processes. This means both staff and clients can perform their tasks online – that includes assessments, payments and registrations. The system’s been a great success and Suranga’s team got great feedback on its usability.

These are the sort of systems our clients need – data storage + workflow capability + online availability). In the right hands they can deliver big savings to both your Department and your clients.


Nilusha’s extensive knowledge of Australia’s health and hospital system was developed through experience in both state and federal government. Combine this with a CPA professional accounting qualification and you have a powerful combination. It was a deciding factor in Nilusha’s appointment to a pivotal role within an independent authority responsible for finding ways to achieve a more transparent and efficient public hospital funding and reporting system. We’re now lucky enough to have Nilusha as part of tea m and clients are already putting her financial modelling and policy development skills to good use.

Do you need to find ways to better allocate healthcare funding? Speak to Nilusha.


‘I’m glad the auditor is here!’

Not words you hear everyday but we think you’ll be saying it a lot more when you meet Lakshman.

With 18 years senior experience delivering internal audit, risk management and forensic investigations to both the private and government clients, Lakshman was the perfect candidate to lead our program evaluation team. This team will uncover the risks that stand between you and the successful delivery of your next program. They stress test your program controls and make sure you’re complying with the myriad of regulations (great preparation for your next Gateway Review or audit by the ANAO). Along the way they’ll also help improve your team’s effectiveness by finding duplicative and redundant processes. This gives your key stakeholders the comfort they need when managing high profile programs.

Does it sound too good to be true? Our clients think so – the team is booked solid into 2016 (we’ve cancelled their Easter break!).

Talk to us now if you think your team needs a couple of big game players.