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Using Visual Tools to Develop a Compelling Case for Change

A recent engagement focussed on developing a compelling business case for the digital transformation of extant systems. Apis was engaged to:
• investigate the current state of the relevant tools, systems and processes
• propose options for a potential future state
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Neil Mann – Understanding and Working with Senior Executives in the Australian Public Service

Apis is valued by our Australian government clients for providing complementary skill sets to the Australian Public Service (APS) workforce and respecting our clients’ expertise. In particular, we are often engaged by Senior Executives with the APS to provide project or program management services, business analysis and design services, and other professional services such as procurement. Read more

Melissa Robbins - Ladder of Inference

So much of our time as management consultants is spent adding new tools and methods to our repertoire - certifying in this, qualifying in that. This investment is both essential and important for professional development, and in continuing to meet client expectations in an increasingly competitive market. Perhaps equally as essential is dedicating some time to look inward; to deeply reflect on how we are as human beings, and how our colleagues, on-site blended teams and clients perceive and experience us. Read more

Michael Brennan - Thinking Agile with the DTO

Apis has recently had the opportunity to work with the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) on a ‘transition’ project for a Commonwealth Government client. Read more

Annya Newman tells us what it takes to be a trusted adviser to clients

Annya Newman is a Senior Program Manager with Apis Group. Prior to joining Apis, Annya's career included work in the corporate finance world in Sydney, and then in government, in the areas of project management, communication and change management.

We had a chat with Annya to find out what it takes to be a trusted adviser to clients. Read more

How Legal Training Helps in Running Effective Procurement

Nidal graduated from the Australian National University with a degree in Law and Arts. He decided he didn’t want to be a lawyer, however he wanted to utilise his qualifications in another field. During his 6 years at Apis, Nidal has applied his qualifications in law to provide expertise in the whole procurement life cycle, from the procurement process, to contract management and project management. He assists his government clients in procuring services and helps in managing the contract. Read more

An Engineering Approach to Problem Solving in the World of Consulting with Peter Duncan

Learning how to break down and solve complex problems is a core skill you need in today’s business world. No one understands this better than Peter Duncan, whose role as a Senior Consultant at Apis is dependent on his ability to quickly break down complex problems and develop effective solutions.
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Take 10 with Michael

Michael Brennan is an Executive Principal at Apis, currently leading the major Aged Care Reforms at the Department of Health. Michael joined Apis with a strong interest in business analysis to solve problems and programme management to implement major change. Business analysis came naturally to him after training as financial para planner and studying a business degree at RMIT. Read more

The Highs and Lows of Transitioning from Public Servant to Consultant with Virginia Wilson

I wanted something different. I was looking for an organisation smaller in size, which had a different leadership model from what I was experiencing. I was also looking to use my skills and experience in a different way, and that’s what Apis offered. Read more

Bridging the Gap between Business Needs and Software Development with Tim Lawrence

Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution will suit an organisation’s needs perfectly. However, more often, some type of customisation or software development will be needed. When deciding how much software development is appropriate, it is vital to ask questions and challenge current business processes and systems. Read more

Our team includes numerous personnel with longevity and seniority in the Federal Public service including staff at former Assistant Secretary, First Assistant Secretary and Deputy Secretary levels, majority of whom come from service delivery backgrounds.