David Trabinger


David Trabinger





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    Human Services
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    CEO & General Mngt
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    Veterans Affairs
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    Social Services
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    PM & Cabinet
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    Call Center
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    Community Services
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    Complex Procurement

    Delivery Management

    Evaluation & Review


    David is a Partner and Business Lead, with a specialisation in government service delivery across many forms. He joined Apis in August 2013. Prior to this he had a 23 year career in the Australian Public Service. From 2000 until 2012 David was a member of the Senior Executive Service holding various positions with the Health Insurance Commission (now Medicare Australia) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). During his public service career David led a number of government service delivery programs including Medicare, Pharmaceutical Benefits and Immunisation, as well as a number of government reform programs of national significance including the integration of delivery agencies into DHS. Throughout his career David gained extensive experience in strategic policy development and service delivery operations. David is highly skilled in program management and in designing practical operational solutions. David is committed to delivering quality outcomes and is a strong team leader/member with excellent relationship building skills.

    Since joining Apis, David has led a number of significant strategic advisory and analysis assignments across DHS, Social Services, Education and Training, and Finance. He has also led teams in service delivery reform planning and design within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, undertaken strategic planning and program design for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and supported the change preparation and transformation activities for the Aged Care sector as part of the introduction of the Aged Care Gateway in the Department of Health.

    Clients value David’s ability to understand the strategic context of major reform initiatives. He is highly regarded by Senior public servants, and highly sought after for strategic advice and support on major service delivery reform initiatives.