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John Clarkson





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    John is a principal consultant and Apis’ leading ICT practitioner with more than 30 years experience working in and for Commonwealth government departments. His proven track record spans roles across technical, business and policy delivery. He has significant experience working with software vendors, peak bodies, ICT suppliers and Commonwealth and State government. His skills span a broad range of disciplines including project and program management, enterprise architecture, system transition, acquisition, design and implementation activities through to service delivery and support, and performance monitoring.

    For the past three years, John has provided critical advisory, delivery and implementation services to the Department of Health in the establishment and roll out of the multi-billion dollar Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record. Among the stakeholders on that program, John is highly regarded and a recognised “go to” person for his deep understanding of the workings of the National Infrastructure underpinning the PCEHR system and its capabilities. He has been playing a lead role in release management and program coordination across multiple stakeholders, and was instrumental in establishing and leading Apis’ integrated Program Management Office for the Department.

    Prior to joining Apis, John grew his career in the Australian Public Service, predominately within the Department of Human Services and its precursor entities, Medicare Australia and the Health Insurance Commission. John has worked across most divisions within that department, spanning business service delivery, ICT project delivery, management and operations of most of the major systems supporting Medicare. He led major changes to the new Aged Care Payment System, and undertook pivotal roles in development of the Healthcare Identifier capability.