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What do you most enjoy about working at Apis?

The work Apis is involved in is both rewarding and interesting. Being a part of some of the major initiatives happening in the Australian government provides an insight into current government thinking and the future of Australia. However, the most enjoyable thing about working at Apis is how well supported you are by the partners and other colleagues, who are always happy to help you with any issues you may be having.

Describe a typical day?

One of the most interesting parts about working at Apis is the fact that you have the potential to be doing vastly different work on a daily basis depending on the initiative you are working on at the time. On any given day I may be meeting with clients, writing plans and strategies, performing business analysis, creating visual representations of various facets of an initiative, developing communications materials, liaising with other Apis staff or even attending internal learning and development or social activities.

How does Apis assist you to progress your learnings/career?

Working at Apis has already given me exposure to a broad range of highly skilled individuals who are always willing to share their knowledge and insights to help me improve as a professional. On top of colleague experience I can also draw on the extensive portfolio of past work and standard templates as reference material to help me as I continue to develop my skills in the areas of project management and business analysis. I also have many opportunities to progress learning and development to both improve my skills and receive recognised qualifications.

What do you think makes Apis different as a professional consultancy practice?

Apis is an incredibly staff focused company who value their people first and foremost. This makes the APIS work environment a place that cultivates good relationships to enable collaboration and knowledge sharing. As a staff member I am encouraged to draw on the experience and past work of my other colleagues and to seek feedback on my work, which ensures the work Apis does is always of the highest quality.