//Apis Consulting Program

Apis Consulting Program

March 29, 2019

Lizzie Papadakis

Lizzie Papadakis shares her experience participating in the Apis Consulting Program.

The Program is one of a wide-range of professional development opportunities available to Apis employees.


Why a consulting program?

Being a great consultant and delivering great results isn’t just about bringing expert knowledge and technical experience to the table. A consultant needs a core set of capabilities that relate to how they go about leveraging and applying their knowledge and expertise to help their clients solve problems and shape solutions.

These capabilities, often more challenging to acquire than technical skills, include understanding the environment within which our clients operate, solving problems using judgement, and influencing without authority.

The Apis Consulting Program aims to tackle the development of these capabilities head-on.  The Program leverages the experiences of leaders within the business and provides a safe environment in which participants can learn and grow.

What’s involved?

The Program, delivered by leaders within the company and expert guest presenters, comprises six modules, and includes a team challenge referred to as the ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Dragon’s Den – sounds exciting hey?

This part of the Program is an opportunity to apply learnings from the six modules and requires small teams to present a business proposition to the leadership group. The ‘winning proposition’ group is rewarded not only with significant internal accolades, but prize money and company support for implementing their idea(s).

Dragon’s Den Winners of 2018

How did it help me become a better consultant?

The Program gave me a range of practical skills I can apply in my everyday work, as well as providing me with the confidence to tackle the challenges we face with our clients.

The highlights…

    • Learning directly from the experiences of others and building networks – not just with the business leaders but with the diverse group of peers who participated in the Program.
    • Understanding the ‘Apis way’ of doing business and the culture of the organisation.
    • The Dragon’s Den challenge – it was hard work but a great way to apply and test the learnings gained from the modules, with an awesome team. It also provided an opportunity to build a relationship with the leaders in the business and showcase our consulting capabilities.