//Apis Professional Development Masterclass – June 2019

Apis Professional Development Masterclass – June 2019

July 5, 2019
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At our recent Apis Professional Development Masterclass working style lunch, we enjoyed unpacking an important element of Project, Program and Strategic Risk Management – Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) management.

We stepped through the internationally recognised risk management process; including the Apis methodology for identifying, analysing and taking action on risks and issues and how to use these to support high quality project governance, decision making, delivering and reporting on client sites.

Some key takeaways:

  1. Risk is an uncertain event (or set of events) which, should it occur, will have an effect on the achievement of your objectives
  2. There is always risk
  3. It is useful to articulate your main project risks clearly upfront and proactively monitor and assess throughout project lifecycle (critical to embed in governance approach)
  4. The risks you have not identified or are not managing will be the ones that bite you
  5. You manage risk by taking actions via robust controls and treatments (not just by putting them in a risk log)
  6. The tracking of internal and external dependencies improve the likelihood of a successful project