Supporting the changing aged care landscape

Department of Health

Since the release of the Productivity Commission’s Caring for Older Australians report in 2011, the aged care sector has undergone significant reform to help older Australians access the aged care services they need. Apis has been at the forefront of assisting the Department of Health in navigating these changes and continues to offer support across all areas of a project lifecycle as part of a new wave of exciting changes included in the most recent Budget as part of the More Choices for a Longer Life package.


Since 2013, Apis’ involvement has spanned multiple projects and disciplines resulting in the successful delivery of the following key milestones:

  • Introduction of the My Aged Care website and dedicated contact centre to offer a centralised point of information on Commonwealth subsidised aged care services (2013).
  • Implementation of reforms delivering greater transparency on pricing and fees via an online fee estimator and support for residential care providers to publish their accommodation prices on the My Aged Care website (2014).
  • Implementation of the Increasing Choice in Home Care reforms that saw a move to a market driven environment requiring transformational change for the service provider sector (2017).
  • Expansion of My Aged Care to offer not only information but act as a single entry point connecting clients, dedicated assessment workforces and also service providers via a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system (2015).

As the demand for aged care services continues to grow, Apis is continuing to support the Department in areas of strong public interest including Quality Reform as well as introduction of new digital functionality to supports the current and future generation of older Australians.

How we work

Our ethos from the start has remain unchanged and is testament to the longevity of our relationship and on-going involvement with the Department. It includes:

  • We work in blended-teams with a focus on building and transferring capability. Almost all of our engagements have involved working in teams where we work side-by-side with our Departmental colleagues and as part of that process are able to transfer knowledge and skills including best practice methodologies as well as technical and soft skills.
  • Close engagement with key Departmental stakeholders to support formation of appropriate governance structures and associated artefacts that have been validated by successful internal and external audits including Department of Finance Gateway Reviews.
  • Early commencement of discovery and co-design using Agile principles to conduct accelerated design workshops capturing the broad and diverse range of stakeholder viewpoints. This has allowed for ongoing refinement and validation of business and design requirements to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.
  • The use of easy to understand, visual summaries helping to enhance stakeholder understanding of complex technical and business design concepts. This has been balanced with more comprehensive documentation where required and appropriate to support the many facets of the Department we support.